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3 Halloween Costume Ideas for Anxiety Sufferers

Halloween Costume Ideas

3 Halloween Costume Ideas for Anxiety Sufferers

If you suffer from anxiety, then Halloween can be one of the most difficult holidays for you to handle. You are forced to choose a costume, bring attention to yourself and deal with trick-or-treaters or party guests. It is hard to fade into the corner if you are being forced to wear a giant ball gown to imitate a princess or are dressed as an enormous red ketchup bottle. However, the following costume ideas can help you manage your anxiety and fit in at a Halloween party.


You can go beyond the simple white sheet for a ghost costume and decorate it with paint. Whether you choose to make your ghost complicated or simple, you will not have to worry about anyone remembering your face. You can always choose to be a mute ghost, and use this as an excuse to avoid uncomfortable conversations at boring Halloween events.

Group Costumes

If your friends are trying to recreate their favorite movies or characters, you can choose to be one of the lesser characters. You can also choose to be creative and do face paints or simple costumes so you do not have to worry about being the center of attention.


Masks are an easy way for you to hide your identity and reduce your anxiety during Halloween. If you select one that completely covers your face, then you can use it as an excuse to avoid talking. However, masks can also give you the freedom to interact because you stop worrying about your appearance. In either case, they are an easy costume addition that can be used for any event.  

Masks can also make people feel very claustrophobic, so using a simple T-shirt that fits the event may be all that is needed.   Simple face painting may also reduce anxiety by being covered up yet having freedom of movement and vision.

Although you may have heard advice about breaking free from your anxiety during Halloween, reality shows that many anxiety sufferers have difficulty following this recommendation. Instead, you want to find a costume that makes you feel comfortable and secure.

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