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Best Tips to Make Halloween Safer for Kids with Autism

Make Halloween Safer for Kids with Autism

Best Tips to Make Halloween Safer for Kids with Autism

If your child has autism, or you know someone who has autism, Halloween can be a challenge. From strange costumes lining store shelves to scary decorations in the neighbor’s yard, your child faces a sensory onslaught that is difficult to process. However, the Autism Support Network suggests you do not have to automatically ignore this holiday and pretend it does not exist. Instead, you want to consider the following tips to make Halloween easier for kids with autism.

Prepare and Discuss Early

Before your child notices the bright pumpkins and white ghosts, you need to have a conversation about Halloween. It is better to prepare early and answer questions that he or she may have about the holiday. You want to focus on the fun elements of Halloween such as dressing up as their favorite comic book hero or getting to eat their beloved candy.

Practice Multiple Times

If you decide to go trick-or-treating or to attend a Halloween party, it is important to practice for the event. The Autism Society recommends that you give your child the chance to try on the costume multiple times. In addition, you can do practice runs in your own home mimicking trick-or-treating in your neighborhood.

Use Technology

Halloween costumes and the excitement over collecting bags of candy can make it more to difficult to keep track of everything. This is why you want to use technology to increase safety. You can attach GPS tracking devices to costumes, and place them inside the candy collection bags. If your child uses a phone, then it must be charged before you go trick-or-treating or attend a party.

You can still enjoy Halloween, but it is crucial to be prepared and make sure your child is able to handle it. You may want to consider a sensory-friendly Halloween party that welcomes children with autism and makes the holiday a fun event that they look forward to every year.  

If you have other tips for how to Make Halloween Safer for Kids with AutismI’d love for you to share them in the comments below.


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