Feb 23

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Best Essential Oils for Better Sleep

Best Essential Oils for Better Sleep


Best Essential Oils for Better Sleep

With everything from stress to aches and pains that can keep you up at night and prevent you from getting the rest your body needs to stay healthy, you need the best essential oils for better sleep! Not sleeping well makes you tired but it also prevents you from performing at your very best. You may feel groggy and maybe even a little disoriented throughout the day, which makes it difficult to accomplish even the smallest tasks.  

When you’re having trouble falling asleep or staying that way, essential oils may help. They have many therapeutic properties that can create a good environment for sleeping.

Some of the best doTERRA essential oils for better sleep include:

  • Sweet Marjoram – This oil has sedative properties that are calming and relaxing. It helps to soothe negative feelings, lower blood pressure and relieve tension.

  • Lavender – Lavender is one of the most popular oils used for sleep. It relaxes your mind and body to help you fall asleep faster by relieving minor aches and pains, headaches anxiety and panic attacks that keep you awake at night.

  • Cedarwood – The rich, earthy scent of cedarwood helps to create a very calm, relaxing environment where you feel at peace so you can fall asleep easily.

  • Vetiver – Vetiver eases symptoms associated with stress such as anxiety and nervous tension so you feel calm and relaxed.

  • Patchouli – You don’t hear as much about patchouli oil as you do some of the other essential oils. However, it’s an excellent choice for helping you sleep because it promotes peacefulness that calms your thoughts so you can rest better.

  • Roman Chamomile – This soothing and calming oil has a soft, floral scent. When stress is keeping you up late, diffuse a little roman chamomile to ease the tension and help your mind relax.

  • Ylang Ylang – Many find the sweet floral scent of Ylang Ylang to be very relaxing. It can help to improve your quality of sleep so you feel more refreshed and ready for anything the new day brings.

  • Serenity –  With its renewing fragrance, with a hint of lavender, Serenity brings on a calming and peaceful sense of well-being.  These feelings induce relaxation and a restful sleep environment.


When you don’t sleep well at night it causes all types of problems. In addition to feeling tired and grouchy, it can make you accident prone. People who are normally easy going can even become aggressive towards others or withdrawn and not want to socialize with family and friends.

Going for long periods without sleep can even cause serious medical conditions that include diabetes and high blood pressure. Both of which can lead to stroke or heart attacks.

If you’re not sleeping well, try using essential oils to help you fall asleep faster and rest more peacefully all night long. They may be exactly what you need to sleep better and you can even make your own soothing blends by combining different oils together.

Questions?  Ask me in the comments below!

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  1. 1
    Amin Salasa

    thanks for sharing

  2. 2

    I never thought of essential oils for sleep. Thanks for posting!

    1. 2.1

      Your welcome christymarie and happy dreams.

  3. 3
    Angella Richards

    Love essential oils thanks for this post there are a few I had never heard of that I’m going to definitely check in too

    1. 3.1

      Angella, the oils you haven’t heard of my be specific to doTERRA. You check them out here: https://www.mydoterra.com/lifeessentially/#/

  4. 4
    Kimberly “kaflickinger73” Flickinger

    I suffer from chronic insomnia and I am willing to try anything. I will definitely be looking into this. Thank you for sharing.

    1. 4.1

      Your welcome Kimberly! Thanks for checking out this article.

  5. 5
    Terri S

    Very informative. I have MS and have trouble sleeping. I have tried the pill thing, It really didn’t work well for me. Thank you for sharing.

    1. 5.1

      I hope you find something that works for you Terri.

  6. 6
    Terry Poage

    I never knew some of these. I use oils in diffusers and love it. Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. 6.1

      Your welcome Terry….I love doTERRA oils. You can really believe in their purity.

  7. 7
    Arlene Mcc

    i needed that-Definition

  8. 8
    Calvin F.

    Haven’t heard of most of these, will be researching them. Thanks for sharing.

    1. 8.1

      Your welcome Calvin.

  9. 9
    Dawn gordon

    Wow great post

    I only knew about lavender

    Been wanting to get into oils now for some time !

  10. 10
    Amber Ludwig

    Oooh I really want to try Roman Chamomille!! Ive heard amazing things about it!!

  11. 11

    Good info

  12. 12
    Kathleen Kelly

    Patchouli was and still is one of my favs. I especially love Patchouli bar soap!

    1. 12.1

      It’s amazing how scents are so personal. I love most oils but Patchouli is one I don’t like the smell of and so is Ylang Ylang…too sweet.

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