May 16

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Can Melatonin Really Make Your Depression Worse?

Can Melatonin Really Make Your Depression Worse?

Can Melatonin Really Make Your Depression Worse?

You have probably heard about the benefits of taking melatonin supplements if you suffer from insomnia or have other sleep problems. However, are you aware of the risks of taking melatonin if you have depression?  Several studies have found that melatonin supplements can actually make the symptoms of depression worse.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally made in your brain, and it helps your body control sleep cycles. It regulates the circadian rhythm. During the day, your body makes less melatonin, but it makes more during the night to encourage you to sleep. However, you can buy it as a supplement, and some foods can boost your levels. For example, studies show that tart cherry juice can improve sleep and reduce insomnia.

The Risks of Melatonin

Although melatonin is supposed to help you sleep, it is not recommended for patients who are suffering from depression. One study found that it made the symptoms of depression worse, and researchers discontinued their investigation because they were concerned about the patients’ health.

Researchers believe that melatonin can lower your energy levels. Since people suffering from depression may already be battling low energy levels, adding this supplement can make them feel worse. It can reduce their activity levels and motivation even more.

Should You Take Melatonin?

You can buy melatonin online or in most drugstores, so it is widely available. It does not require a prescription and is available in many dosages. However, you should consult your doctor before starting any supplement. Melatonin can interfere with some medications including antidepressants, blood pressure drugs, birth control pills and beta-blockers.

If you have depression, you should be careful with this supplement. It is crucial that you discuss melatonin with your doctor and make sure you mention all the medications you currently take.

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