May 30

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The Truth About Fidget Spinners and Their Impact on Reducing Anxiety

The Truth About Fidget Spinners and Their Impact on Reducing Anxiety

The Truth About Fidget Spinners and Their Impact on Reducing Anxiety

From breaking news stories to school notifications, fidget spinners are a hot trend. They are small toys that may help children and adults who have ADHD, autism or anxiety. Fidget spinners are designed to help you focus. Do they really work, and are they worth buying? Let’s find the truth about Fidget Spinners.

What Are Fidget Spinners?

Fidget spinners tend to be small, spinning toys with three or two arms. There are also fidget cubes, but they generally do not spin. Fidget spinners can fit in your hands, and they come in a variety of colors. From durable stainless steel spinners to colorful camouflage spinners, you can find a style that fits your needs. Most spinners are made from plastic or metal.

How Do Fidget Spinners Help?

Fidget spinners may help you focus better in school or at work. They are designed for both kids and adults. They are supposed to help you stop fidgeting in your seat by replacing the movement with spinning the toy. Some brands claim they may reduce anxiety and stress. Others share that they may help people stop smoking by distracting them from cravings.

Do They Really Work?

Some schools and offices have started to ban fidget spinners because they view them as a negative distraction instead of a helpful tool. On the other hand, others are allowing kids and adults to use them. There are no studies on the impact of fidget spinners, and most stories are anecdotal.

A recent search for peer-reviewed studies on the trendy fidget spinners did not produce results. However, some kids, parents and adults claim to see benefits from using them. It may be worth trying an inexpensive device if you have a problem concentrating and fidget often. Nevertheless, these toys do not work for everyone, and some people report being even more distracted from playing with them.

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