Mar 05

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4 Unique Ways to Lower Stress

4 Unique Ways to Lower StressĀ 

If you have stress, you are probably tired of people telling you to relax or meditate more. Although the typical advice to lower stress may mean well, sometimes it is not enough. When you are looking for something different, consider these 4 unique ways to lower stress!

1. Switch to Tea From Coffee

You can still get some caffeine from tea, but there is less of it than what is inside a typical cup of coffee. Studies show that caffeine can make anxiety worse, which contributes to your stress levels. The temporary buzz it gives is not worth the side effects.

2. Get Noise Canceling Headphones

Many people have trouble concentrating in loud places, and sounds can irritate them. This combination can make you stressed out and angry. Consider investing in noise canceling headphones that can create a personal oasis of calmness in your world.

3. Try Color Therapy

Research shows that colors can affect you in multiple ways. Color therapy uses this research to change your moods and lower your stress. From special colored eye lenses to color bath treatments, there is a variety of ways to use this therapy.

You may want to try changing your surroundings by painting or adding more colorful elements. This can have a direct impact on your mood and decrease stress. For example, consider repainting your bedroom with soothing colors.

4. Eat Crunchy Snacks

Snacking on baby carrots or slices of apples can actually help you release stress from your body. The crunchy food serves as a distraction and forces you to think about something else. In addition, the physical act of eating these foods can help relieve some of the tension in your body.

The next time you are feeling overwhelmed by stress, try these unique ideas and track how your feelings change and be sure to let me know.


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