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8 Causes for Bipolar Disorder

8 Causes for Bipolar Disorder

8 Causes for Bipolar Disorder

Over the years, many things have been linked to why someone may get bipolar disorder. From their diet to their genes, the blame has landed on multiple doorsteps. However, a new study sheds light on the causes for Bipolar Disorder.

What Are the Reasons?

Researchers at the University of Michigan found that there are many things that influence if a person will have bipolar disorder. It is not just an inherited disease or caused by trauma. In fact, someone can have more than one cause. However, they did notice patterns among those who were diagnosed.

People are more likely to have bipolar disorder if they suffered childhood trauma or abuse. Another common issue researchers found was people with this condition are more likely to have substance abuse problems.

Here are the main things they noticed among those with bipolar disorder:

  1. They often had a history of childhood trauma or abuse.

  2. They had higher levels of saturated fats in their diets.

  3. Their gut bacteria were less diverse.

  4. They were more likely to have migraine headaches.

  5. They often had other problems such as eating disorders, substance abuse, addictions or other mental health issues.

  6. They suffered from poor sleep.

  7. They had cognition problems such as lower scores on memory tests.

  8. They often had several common genes linked to bipolar disorder.

What Does This Mean?

The research emphasizes that there is more than one cause for bipolar disorder. Although scientists pointed out that it does tend to run in families, genetics are not enough to explain it. There does not appear to be just one gene responsible for this medical condition.

Researchers hope that this study will help other scientists continue to investigate bipolar disorder to find new ways to help patients. By understanding that there can be multiple causes, treatments can be adjusted and customized in the future.   This is good news since Bipolar is such a difficult disorder to control.

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