Mar 21

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Autism and Kidney Problems: What You Need to Know About the Teashirt Gene

Autism and Kidney Problems: What You Need to Know About the Teashirt Gene

Although the focus tends to be on behavioral and social problems, autism is also linked to kidney problems. The issues can range from kidney stones to renal failure, and children are often affected. Now, a new study has found that the Teashirt gene may be the link between autism and kidney problems.

What Is The Teashirt Gene?

The Teashirt gene, also known as Tshz3, has been the focus of several studies for years. It plays a vital role in the development of the ureter, and mutations in this gene can lead to serious problems. Researchers have discovered that mutations in the Teashirt gene can create kidney problems and neurological issues such as learning disabilities. Children who have a mutated Teashirt gene frequently show signs of both autism and kidney issues.

Implications of the Research

The doctors involved in the research point out that genetic testing can help. Other studies have shown that DNA abnormalities are frequently seen in children with chronic kidney disease. There appears to be a link between gene mutations that affect kidney function and the brain, but it is not uncommon for one gene to affect multiple processes in the body. Medical experts recommend that children displaying symptoms of autism or kidney problems get genetic testing to check for mutations.

In addition, doctors suggest that testing be done early because children who have one condition may eventually show symptoms of the second condition. For both autism and kidney problems, early diagnosis, intervention and treatment can make a big difference. Behavioral therapy, drugs and other treatments can help them manage the diseases.

If your child has either autism or kidney problems, then you may want to talk to your doctor about genetic testing and ask about the Teashirt gene. It is crucial to seek help early in the process because both conditions can advance without treatment.

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