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Bipolar Disorder Management: Why You Must Treat Burning Mouth Syndrome


Bipolar Disorder Management- Why You Must Treat Burning Mouth

Bipolar Disorder Management: Why You Must Treat Burning Mouth Syndrome

One of the complaints about bipolar disorder medication is that it causes burning mouth. The Mayo Clinic defines burning mouth syndrome (BMS) as the feeling that your mouth has been scalded. This condition can affect the tongue, cheeks, gums and other parts of the mouth. Although many people are aware of medications causing dry mouth, burning mouth is also a serious problem and should not be ignored.

Details and Treatment

Researchers have examined the prevalence of mental health disorders and burning mouth. Some patients have reported experiencing both dry mouth and burning mouth. Unfortunately, the medications used to treat bipolar disorder can cause these problems. In addition, it is possible that burning mouth can be caused by a vitamin B12 deficiency or a yeast problem. This is why it is crucial to discuss any side effects with a doctor.

The treatment for burning mouth syndrome can include medication adjustments and vitamin B12 supplementation. Additionally, products that can help increase saliva production may be used. Lifestyle changes such as the elimination of spicy and hot foods can also help. Researchers suggest that getting rid of acidic foods, tobacco and alcohol is also important for reducing burning mouth syndrome.

Why Treatment is Vital

One of the main reasons it is important to get help for burning mouth syndrome is the risk that the patient will stop taking the bipolar medication. Doctors frequently see their patients stopping a treatment plan because of side effects. This can have an enormous impact on the bipolar patient and the patient’s entire family.

In addition, the patients’ bipolar condition can be aggravated by the discomfort that comes from burning mouth syndrome. They may also lose weight and have trouble eating because of the constant burning and pain. They may turn to unhealthy drinks like soda to alleviate the burning. It is crucial that the syndrome be addressed by a doctor who can create a treatment strategy.

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    Deb E

    The mouth pain and burning sounds miserable and I can see how it can trigger someone to get off their bipolar meds.I know limiting/avoiding alcohol and tobacco is a good recommendation in any situation, especially when you have an illness.

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      Appreciate your reply Deb E

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