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Essential Steps Parents Can Take to Help Their Anxious Kids


Essential Steps Parents Can Take to Help Their Anxious Kids 

It is often difficult for parents to figure out how to handle an anxious kid. You do not want to ignore their fears, but you also do not want to escalate the problems. If you are struggling with an anxious child, then consider the following tips.

Discuss Their Fears

Ignoring a kid with anxiety does not work. Experts recommend that parents validate their child’s fears without making them worse. Allow your child to express his or her fears and share what is causing the anxiety. As the parent, you can lead the discussion without minimizing the problems or making the child feel worse.

Teach Them About Anxiety

Kids are not born with a natural understanding of anxiety. They simply know they are afraid and may not always understand why it happens. If your child has anxiety, then it is important to discuss it. It will take time for them to learn to differentiate between anxiety and real dangers. However, you can help this process by being open and sharing your own knowledge.

Avoid Creating Extra Anxiety

Many kids have anxiety before a big test at school or important presentation. Unfortunately, some parents can make their anxiety worse by emphasizing the problems and talking about the issues the wrong way. Instead of asking your child if they are worried about the big, scary test the next day, you should ask them if they are ready. Avoid using language that creates additional fear or makes children feel worse about upcoming events. 

Remember They Are Watching

Children are constantly watching their parents and learning from them, so you can have an impact on their anxiety. Kids often copy their parents and mimic their fears. Pay attention to how you react to uncomfortable or difficult situations because you may be modeling fear that children can copy.

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