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New Robot Teaches Social Skills to Kids with Autism


New Robot Teaches Social Skills to Kids with Autism

New Robot Teaches Social Skills to Kids with Autism

His name is Kaspar, and he wears a blue cap. Kaspar’s hair is a little long, but he manages to keep it out of his eyes. Although he may look like a small boy, Kaspar is actually a friendly, social robot. Not only is he helping researchers learn more about autism, he is helping kids with Autism develop their social skills.

Who is Kaspar?

Kaspar was created by the University of Hertfordshire as a humanoid robot. He resembles a small boy, and he can talk. Researchers are using Kaspar as a clinical intervention tool to help children with autism. 

Kaspar is able to talk, react and engage children in conversation. He is able to help kids explore their emotions and develop their social skills. The robot is capable of combing his hair, pretending to eat food, singing songs and playing the tambourine. 

How Does Kaspar Help Kids?

Kaspar has helped 170 children in schools and hospitals in the United Kingdom. Many children who have autism struggle with social interactions and behavior problems. Kaspar is designed to teach them social skills and to help them practice what they learn.

Researchers have already done multiple field trials with actual children to see how Kaspar the robot can help them. The results have been positive and encouraging. Children respond well to the robot and interact with him. They learn new social skills without realizing that the process is happening, and there is less pressure for them to handle.

Kaspar’s Future

Researchers hope that there will be a Kaspar robot in every school in the future. They believe that he can have a significant positive impact on kids who have autism. Initially, researchers hope to reach all the schools in the United Kingdom because every school district has kids with autism. Eventually, they want to make Kaspar a global project that will be available to everyone.

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