Oct 25

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What is the Connection Between Social Communication Disorder and Autism?


What is the Connection Between Social Communication Disorder and Autism?

What Is the Connection Between Social Communication Disorder and Autism?

Did you even know there was such a thing as Social Communication Disorder?  Let me know in comments what you think!

Social Communication Disorder vs Autism?

One of the challenges that researchers face is identifying the different variations of autism and related conditions. A recent study addressed this problem by looking at the connection between social communication disorder and autism. How are these conditions related, and what can parents learn from their connection?

Understanding Social Communication Disorder

Also known as social (pragmatic) communication disorder (SPCD), this condition has been added to the Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th edition (DSM-5). Social communication disorder has many similarities to autism. In both conditions, children have difficulty with social skills and behavior.

Many of the symptoms of autism and social communication disorder overlap. It is also possible to have multiple health issues along with both of these conditions. This can make diagnosis difficult for both parents and doctors. Some experts criticized the addition of social communication disorder to the DSM-5 because they felt it was too similar to autism.

Similarities and Differences

Children with autism and social communication disorder have problems developing social skills. Both verbal and nonverbal skills are affected. Children may have trouble making friends, fitting in at school, understanding social behavior and responding to conversations. However, one of the things that distinguishes autism from social communication disorder is that children with autism also have repetitive behaviors.

What Is the New Research?

A recent study published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry focused on social communication disorder. It found that children who are diagnosed with social communication disorder have similar characteristics to those who have autism. However, they tend to have fewer symptoms than children with autism. Researchers also pointed out that there are benefits to having social communication disorder as part of the DSM-5. It is bringing more attention to children who may have autism or related conditions.

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