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15 Inspiring Quotes About Autism

15 Inspiring Quotes About Autism


15 Inspiring Quotes About Autism

My grandson is on the autism spectrum. He has received speech and occupational therapy (OT), but he still faces challenges. For parents and grandparents who have loved ones with autism, understanding this condition and helping others understand it helps us and our loved ones.  Sharing quotes about autism is one way to increase knowledge and acceptance.

I hope these quotes about autism will increase your understanding of the condition and help you learn more about it.   If you have family or friends who navigate the autism spectrum, please share these quotes – they may help others who have autism feel connected and understood.

1.  “If you’ve met one individual with autism, you’ve met one individual with autism.” – Stephen M. Shore



2.  “Don’t think that there’s a different, better child ‘hiding’ behind the autism. This is your child. Love the child in front of you. Encourage his strengths, celebrate his quirks, and improve his weaknesses, the way you would with any child. You may have to work harder on some of this, but that’s the goal.” – Claire Scovell LaZebni



3.  “Autism is a neurological disorder. It’s not caused by bad parenting. It’s caused by, you know, abnormal development in the brain. The emotional circuits in the brain are abnormal. And there also are differences in the white matter, which is the brain’s computer cables that hook up the different brain departments.” – Temple Grandin



4.  “Autism is part of who I am.” – Temple Grandin



5.  “What is important is to treat everyone like an individual and learning not to generalize autism. With autism, people make assumptions, but it’s very broad, and everyone’s so different. You have to treat each person as an individual.” – Nikki Reed



6.  “I treasure my meetings with individuals affected by autism – parents, children, teachers and friends. Their strength is inspiring. They deserve all possible opportunities for education, employment and integration.” – Ban Ki-moon



7.  “My son was diagnosed with autism. He’s OK, he makes eye contact, but he doesn’t talk. He needs eight hours a day of very intensive school, and you wouldn’t even believe me if I told you how much it costs.” – Steve Earle



8.  “Autism does exist on a spectrum, and there are so many manifestations of it, so many kinds of expressions of it. And every case is particular.” – Claire Danes



9.  “My autism is a very mild form. It was diagnosed at the age of 25, partly because it wasn’t diagnosable as a teenager (this is Asperger’s syndrome, specifically). But there were certainly traits within that condition, within the autism spectrum in general, especially at the high functioning end, that I think are best looked at as pluses.” – Daniel Tammet



10.  “People think about autism as something with kids. Well, those kids grow up.” – Jason Katims



11.  “As a scientist leading a funding agency for autism research, I think of autism as a neurodevelopmental disorder.” – Thomas R. Insel



12.  “Autism is a complicated illness, and children with a variety of treatments and non-treatments show improvement over time, which is all to the good.” – Harvey V. Fineberg



13.  “Having two children with autism, it makes you really think about how we do relate to each other.” – Jocelyn Moorhouse



14.  “As a mom, you worry about protecting your kid. But there are extra added layers of fears when you’re talking about a kid with autism or who has some special needs issue.” – Holly Robinson Peete



15.  “I might hit developmental and societal milestones in a different order than my peers, but I am able to accomplish these small victories on my own time.” – Haley Moss


Please share if you can.  What do you think of these Quotes about Autism?

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  1. 1
    Amber Ludwig

    Oh I love these!! They are SO true!!

  2. 2
    Deborah D

    Very well said.

  3. 3
    Judy Thomas

    I think there are a lot of things on the Autism spectrum that can be seen as pluses too. Wonderful inspiring quotes, thank you.

  4. 4

    Thank you for these wonderful suggestions…I have a 8 year old niece with autism..and I am going to send this to my whole family

    1. 4.1

      Thanks for sharing!!

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