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Do you have General Anxiety Disorder?


Do You have General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Do your friends and family think you are a worrier? Do you find it hard to relax and worry about everything around you. Do you worry for many days at a time? You may suffer with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD).  Even children suffer from Worrying too Much.

People with GAD  worry over trifling things at home such as what recipe to cook for dinner or what clothes the children should wear the following day. These worries often worsen when they relate to issues in the workplace.

Their worrying can become so extreme that it adversely affects their ability to perform their tasks at home and in the workplace and then they feel bad and worry about that too. However, learning to worry less is very difficult for them to do.

The Difficulties of Living with GAD

People with GAD find it hard to sleep at night because of their constant worrying. They often have a feeling of impending doom even though these feelings are often unfounded. This is one of my worst symptoms and no matter how hard I try not to worry, it is very hard to not worry.  I even realize that my worries are often a product of my imagination or irrational thinking but I still can’t seem to stop worrying.

People with GAD also have the tendency to exaggerate the things that are happening to them and around them. Even the slightest stomach-ache can make them worry too much and have them thinking that it may be an ulcer. A simple headache can be suspected of being a brain cancer.
Their sources of worry can be anything from personal or professional relationships, financial matters, health issues and problems at work. Even just the thought of getting through the day without mishap is enough to make them worry even more. And these worries occur even though there is nothing specific to cause them.

The Symptoms of General Anxiety Disorder

When my brother in law committed suicide and I sought psychiatric help, I was diagnosed with GAD at that time along with other anxiety disorders. I knew that my worrying was above what is considered normal.    When GAD becomes so severe, help is needed in controlling worrying thoughts.  I am so glad I sought help.

Symptoms of GAD may include muscle aches, fatigue, muscle tension, irritability, lightheadedness, hot flashes, headaches, etc. People with severe GAD may have difficulty accomplishing even a very simple task. Those who have mild GAD are able to function in their employed roles even as they struggle to deal with their anxiety.

Who Is At Risk of GAD?

Statistics reveal that women are more likely to suffer from GAD than men. This disorder may start at any point in a person’s life. Studies do show that the time between childhood and middle age are known to be the most common times where individuals suffer from GAD.

Treatment for General Anxiety Disorder

Generally, anxiety disorders are treated with the use of medications or psychotherapy and in some cases both. The type of treatment given depends on the severity of the condition and the patient’s preference.

A diagnostic evaluation must be done prior to deciding which treatment to use. The doctor needs to determine first whether the symptoms exist as part of an anxiety disorder or as part of some physical problem. During the diagnosis, the type of anxiety disorder that an individual is suffering must be clearly identified.

All the other coexisting conditions such as drug abuse and depression must also be given proper consideration and treatment. Sometimes, these coexisting conditions need to be treated first for the treatment of the anxiety disorder to be effective.

Treatment does help so don’t be fearful of seeking out a mental health practitioner if you suffer from this type of anxiety.

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