Jan 29

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21 Day Yoga Challenge begins in 2 days!


21 Day Yoga Challenge

Are you getting excited for our 21 Day Yoga Challenge?  We start in only 2 days! Our Yoga Challenge begins February 1, 2016!

I will be sharing posts daily for 21 days, information that will be helpful to learn more about yoga, how it helps your body and improves your mental health!  So join us and learn all about the benefits of yoga both physical and mental, different types of yoga, breath work in yoga, weight loss with yoga and much more!!

Yoga is not just a great workout that can keep you toned and trim. It can also help you lose weight and find relief from medical problems like arthritic pain. We will be offering yoga related giveaways. If you have been feeling less than spry recently and need more energy and mental focus, yoga could be just the solution you’ve been looking for!


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