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Amazing Teas to Fight Anxiety and Stress


Amazing Teas to Fight Anxiety and Stress

Amazing Teas to Fight Anxiety and Stress

Tea has been used for thousands of years in treating many medical conditions. Most people use teas because they taste good and there are endless options for flavor.   I personally use teas when I have tummy problems.  They help to settle my stomach and just make me feel better.

However, if you have trouble with anxiety, restlessness, moodiness, or stress; tea can be a wonderful addition to help fight those symptoms daily. What you put in your tea makes all the difference. It is suggested that you do not buy the pre-made tea bags you can buy at the store. If you truly want the herbs to help, you should buy them in a less crushed and less mixed condition. With that being said, below are some amazing teas to help fight anxiety and stress.

Chamomile – I’m pretty sure a lot of people already know about chamomile tea and how well it works in relaxing people. However, did you also know it’s great for your digestive system too? The portion of chamomile that helps in relieving stress is the flowery top in the early stages of bloom. Chamomile is great for relaxing a worked up baby and is safe to drink during the day because it won’t relax you so much that you become drowsy.

Valerian – This is not often heard of simply because it was not originally meant to relieve stress or anxiety. However, valerian has been found to reduce stress and anxiety and is a favorite tea for this specific issue. However, be aware that this tea is often to use for it’s relaxing properties which help relax you for a better night’s sleep. Therefore, this tea would be best used around bedtime.

Passionflower – Although there have not been any definitive studies on whether or not passionflower assists in helping with anxiety, many of those who suffer from anxiety suggest this herb tea. They state that it helps them relax just as much as the other teas suggested do. Doctors suggest using about one tablespoon of dried passionflower to diffuse in your tea. There has been little study on the average amount of tea that needs to be used therefore, this is the amount suggested to start out with.

Ashwagandha – This herb is mainly grown in Africa and is a mouth full to say but has been known to reduce the production of the hormones causing stress. It also has been known to reduce the “fight or flight” response some of those with anxiety experience. Dr Oz states that this herb also works because it causes a relaxing effect on the central nervous system. Further, this herb acts as a strong antioxidant. You can make a tea with the powder but there are also capsules that can be purchased.

Green Tea – Green tea contains an amino acid called L-theanine. This tea was used and is still used in Japan among the monks who use it to assist in their meditating. L-theanine assists in keeping a person’s blood pressure low as well as steadies a rising heart beat. Unfortunately, it does take a larger amount of L-theanine to do this which can result in many cups of tea unless a more natural version of green tea is purchased.

There are many other types of tea out there that assist in fighting anxiety, stress, and restlessness. We hope you enjoy some of our favorite!

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