May 02

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Gender Wage Gap Blamed for Rise in Women’s Anxiety

Gender Wage Gap Blamed for Rise in Women's Anxiety

Gender Wage Gap Blamed for Rise in Women’s Anxiety

A new study provides insight into a topic that has puzzled researchers for years. Why do women have higher rates of anxiety than men? Although hormones and stress are usually blamed for the difference, researchers believe they have found another explanation. Scientists at Columbia University share that the gender wage gap contributes to women’s anxiety.

The study shows that women had more cases of depression compared to men. Researchers pointed out that the difference appears to be related to women receiving less money but having a comparable background to men. This means that women with the same levels of education and other factors are earning less than men, and it is affecting their mental health.

The workplace has an impact that extends beyond the usual 9 to 5 day. The inequality that women experience at work appears to affect their anxiety and depression levels. It is difficult to stay positive while they watch men earn more in the same job. In addition, the gender wage gap contributes to stress levels and concerns about the future. Researchers pointed out that women tend to internalize the discrimination, so it grows to a bigger problem. They also blame themselves for the lower incomes instead of realizing that inequality is rampant.

Unfortunately, researchers have not discovered the magic potion that would instantly eliminate gender inequality at all jobs. However, raising awareness is the first step to making progress. Women need to be aware that the income inequality they suffer at work can have a long-term impact on their health and anxiety levels. The researchers mentioned that women who earned the same amount as men had a lower risk of anxiety and depression. One way to improve the mental health of women may be to work on equality in the workplace and abolishing the gender wage gap.

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