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How a Simple Walk in the Park Improves Mental Health



How a Simple Walk in the Park Improves Mental Health

It seems too simple to work, but research proves that walking in the park can have a dramatic impact on your mental health. A study from Baycrest’s Rotman Research Institute reveals that a simple walk in the park can help you in a significant way. It can help your short-term memory, improve your relaxation and raise your focus abilities.

Researchers point out that nature can help us rejuvenate our minds and bodies. They compared the impact of walking in a park to walking in an urban setting, and found that the park was better for mental health. Talking a walk around your city and admiring the architecture does not provide the same benefits, so you have to find a space with nature.

You have probably noticed that your mood is better after being in a park or nature preserve. However, the positive benefits of being outside and being surrounded by trees or flowers go beyond your mood. Researchers have noticed that being in nature improves your memory and helps you focus. It has a long-term impact that extends to other activities. If you are forced to focus on a task immediately after a walk in the park, then your attention is better.

Even cold weather is not enough to stop the positive benefits of being in nature. Scientists have learned that a walk in a park during the winter can still help your brain. The lack of vegetation does not affect your memory or focus. Instead, you get the same positive impact that you receive during warmer months.

It is not hard to start taking advantage of this research to make your life better. You can search for local parks in your area and start planning walks. Then, you may want to pay attention to how you feel and think after these outdoor excursions.

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