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Why Hydrogenated Oils Aggravate Anxiety

Why Hydrogenated Oils Aggravate Anxiety


Why Hydrogenated Oils Aggravate Anxiety

Hydrogenated oils have earned a bad reputation because of their link to heart disease. Now, researchers believe that the oils can also aggravate anxiety and affect mental health. Hydrogenated oils are created by a synthetic process to make them solid instead of liquid at room temperature. They have been popular among food manufacturers because they are more shelf stable and inexpensive.

Hydrogenated oils are frequently used to make fried chicken and French fries. These oils are a popular ingredient in many fried foods and baked goods. In addition, you can find hydrogenated oils in margarine, coffee creamers and refrigerated dough. Food companies like these oils because they help keep the products fresh for longer periods of time and are a cheap alternative, but there are serious health consequences linked to eating them. 

Researchers previously found that hydrogenated oils affect the heart in a negative way. They raise bad cholesterol and lower the good cholesterol in the body. Now, scientists have discovered that hydrogenated oils have the ability to restrict blood flow that can affect the brain. They can clog arteries in the body and hurt people’s mental health. The brain depends on a steady supply of blood, so these oils hamper its ability to function properly.

Experts recommend reducing or eliminating hydrogenated oils and the foods that use them. You can start by carefully reading ingredient lists and paying attention to items such as trans fats. You want to cut down on the processed foods that you eat because they tend to be high in hydrogenated oils.

Scientists continue to work on the details of the link between hydrogenated oils and anxiety. However, it is already clear that the hydrogenated oils are hurting the body and the brain. If you suffer from anxiety, you may want to consider your diet and eliminate them.

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