Jun 13

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Carnitine Offers Hope for Reducing Autism Cases

Carnitine Offers Hope for Reducing Autism Cases


The Food Supplement Carnitine Offers Hope for Reducing Autism Cases    

The food supplement carnitine has been grabbing headlines as a potential tool to help families who are struggling with autism. The Herald of Everett reports that researchers have been studying this supplement and believe it has potential. Carnitine, an important amino acid, is crucial for body functions such as energy support. In supplement form, it is a favorite among body builders and others who notice its benefits.

Carnitine can be produced by the body naturally, so most people do not need a supplement. However, researchers have found that it may help prevent autism. The studies are still in the early stages, but scientists have seen some positive indications. They believe it may help reduce the growing number of autism cases.

Carnitine appears to be a useful tool in preventing one of the genetic mutations that has been linked to autism. Although researchers are still cautious, they recommend that pregnant women discuss carnitine supplements with their doctors and consider taking them.

It is important to note that carnitine is naturally found in whole milk and red meat. Some researchers suspect that the common trend of reducing these food items in women’s diets may be leaving them with low carnitine levels. It is possible that the aversion to eating these products and the preference for lean meat and skim milk plays a role. In addition, scientists point out that many vegan diets have low levels of carnitine.

In general, animal products are the most common source of carnitine. Eating food such as beef, fish, dairy and chicken is recommended. Although carnitine is also available in supplements, it is crucial to discuss it with your doctor and find the right dosage. Too much of the supplement can lead to nausea, stomach issues or cramps. Carnitine offers hope, but you have to carefully add it to your diet. 

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