Oct 18

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The Real Reasons Why Women Suffer from Anxiety More than Men

The Real Reasons Why Women Suffer from Anxiety More than Men

The Real Reasons Why Women Suffer from Anxiety More than Men

A new study shows that women are more likely to suffer from anxiety than men, but there are several reasons for this difference. Researchers believe hormones, brain chemistry and stress are all possible causes. In addition, women are more likely to be forced into the role of caregivers, which also leads to higher levels of stress and anxiety.

Anxiety Levels Deciphered

Researchers at the University of Cambridge found that women have anxiety levels that are twice as high as men. This confirms previous studies that showed women are more likely to suffer from stress and anxiety. In addition, researchers found that pregnant women also had higher levels of anxiety than men, and this may be linked to the stress of carrying a child.

Understanding the Differences

Scientists have proposed several reasons to explain the difference in anxiety levels among women and men. One of the most common reasons is hormonal fluctuations, and estrogen levels have also been blamed for anxiety. Low levels of estrogen in women appear to be linked to higher levels of anxiety. Brain chemistry differences have also been blamed, but researchers believe there are many other factors involved.

Stress and Women’s Lives

Stress appears to be a big factor in the prevalence of anxiety among women. Despite progress, women are still more likely to be the caregivers and have additional responsibilities that create stress in their lives. Women frequently have to balance full-time jobs with raising children, taking care of their elderly parents and doing household chores. The stress can quickly add up and affect your mental health.

Researchers hope that recognizing the differences in anxiety levels among men and women will help encourage better treatments. They also hope that stress reduction becomes a more prominent factor in women’s lives. Instead of encouraging women to do everything and overwhelm their bodies, they hope that women get more support. 

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