Sep 13

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Parents Reveal the Real Struggle of Finding Group Homes for Severe Autism

Parents Reveal the Real Struggle of Finding Group Homes for Severe Autism

Parents Reveal the Real Struggle of Finding Group Homes for Severe Autism

In a recent news story, Karen Lundy revealed her personal struggles as she tries to find a group home for her severely autistic son. Joshua is 19 years old, but multiple services and agencies have denied him help. Since she and her husband have health problems, Karen has been searching for a group home that can help her son. However, she has faced many challenges and is exhausted from a futile search.

Joshua Lundy’s case is not unique. At the age of 19, he is physically stronger than both of his elderly parents who have multiple health issues of their own. However, his autism is considered severe, and he has trouble controlling his anger and emotions. Joshua has physical outbursts that are difficult for his parents to control. His mother has been searching for a group home but has not been able to find one that is both affordable and willing to accept him.

One of the issues that parents face is related to limited autism services in their local areas. Group homes may not be available or may be full. In some cases, the cost of these group homes is beyond the family’s ability to pay. In other cases, the homes may reject the application because they cannot properly accommodate the child or young adult.

A recent national housing and residential support survey found that families continue to struggle to find a place for their autistic children. More than 8,000 caregivers participated in the survey, and the findings reveal that 30 percent felt they needed 24/7 support for the autistic child or adult in their care. Housing for the autistic individual was a top concern, and many survey respondents indicated that finances were a problem.

Finding the right group home for a loved one with autism is a major concern for families. In addition to worrying about the person’s safety and well-being in this type of situation, caregivers are also concerned about paying for the support.

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