Nov 15

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How to Avoid Dangerous Bipolar Triggers During the Holidays

How to Avoid Dangerous Bipolar Triggers During the Holidays

How to Avoid Dangerous Bipolar Triggers During the Holidays

Would you like to Avoid Bipolar Triggers During the Holidays?  The holidays can create multiple triggers for people who suffer from bipolar disorders. Whether your schedule is disrupted because of parties, or you are worried about the extra spending, it is crucial to avoid triggers that can hurt your mental health. The NHS points out that self-care is an important part of surviving the holidays.   

Trigger 1: Letting Stress Affect Your Medication Schedule

The holidays can affect your daily routines, but it is essential that you continue to take your prescription medications. Patients who have bipolar disorder may feel overwhelmed and overstimulated by the extra holiday stress. However, maintaining a consistent medication schedule is important for long-term health. If you are concerned about forgetting to take your pills, then you want to set up multiple systems to help you. In addition to setting alarms and leaving notes, you can put alerts on your phone and computer.

Trigger 2: Using Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcohol and drugs are common bipolar disorder triggers, and they are more prevalent during the holidays as people gather to celebrate and let go of their inhibitions. A study from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health found that one out of five people with bipolar disorders have an addiction problem. However, you must remain strong to avoid these triggers because they can sabotage your mental health.

Trigger 3: Skipping Sleep to Celebrate

It may be tempting to cut down on your sleep, so you can attend more parties or finish decorating the house. Unfortunately, sacrificing your sleep is another trigger for bipolar disorder episodes, so you want to avoid it. Even a small change in your normal sleep routine can cause mood swings and affect your mental health.

The holidays give you the chance to see relatives you may not visit often and to celebrate with your close friends. However, you want to avoid these common triggers because the holidays are also a popular time for problems that hurt your health.   I hope your holidays are going well!


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