Nov 29

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Gift Guide for Autistic Kids & Adults: Presents They Need and Want


Gift Guide for Autistic Kids & Adults: Presents They Need and Want

If you have a child or adult in your household with autism, then you know that gifts can be a challenge during the holidays. You frequently have to avoid presents that can overstimulate and scare the child or adult, but you still want to get something that will make them happy. The following gift guide will help you find the perfect gift for autistic households this season.

Sensory Gifts

If the person who has autism can handle sensory gifts, then you want to put them at the top of your list. For example, the Fidget Toy is loved by children, teens and adults who need a way to express their stress or anger. The Tangle Relax Therapy Toy is another sensory option that can keep adults, teens or kids occupied and help refocus their attention.

Calming Gifts

Households that have members with autism welcome calming gifts capable of creating a more peaceful environment. The Inflatable Calming Stations can be placed anywhere in the home and deflated when they are not being used. These simple and soft stations resemble large cushions and can be used by children, teens or adults throughout the house. 

Social Skill Games

Many children and young adults with autism struggle to develop their social skills. However, games like Blunders can help them work on their social skills, behavior and etiquette in a fun way. This game is appropriate for children who are age 5 and older. The Photo Conversation Cards Game is another option that helps them develop their communication skills without stress.

As you search for the perfect gifts this holiday season, you may want to carefully consider what you will get for autistic households. These adults, teens and children can benefit from specific gifts that will help them work on their skills while providing a fun distraction.

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