Dec 13

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Music Therapy – A Powerful Antidote for Anxiety


Music Therapy – A Powerful Antidote for Anxiety

Most of us experience anxiety in some form or another throughout our lives. Music therapy has long been used as therapy for anxiety sufferers.  Just like stress, sadness and anger, the key is learning how to cope with your anxiety and make it a healthy part of your life.

Recently, new research has suggested that music therapy has a strong effect on reducing a patient’s anxiety and should not be overlooked as a treatment option.
It was also determined that music led to a small reduction in heart rate and breathing and contributed to lowering blood pressure. Music therapy has been studied for use in managing numerous medical conditions with positive outcomes.

Music has been scientifically proven to affect mood. A certain song can make us feel happy, sad, relaxed or energetic. Many of us are already using this technique in our daily lives. Music helps us to get through our morning commute to work, we blast our tunes during a workout at the gym and often a stereo is on, motivating us, as we tackle common household chores.

Different types of music have different neurological effects. For example, classical music was found to cause comfort and relaxation while rock more often lead to discomfort. Individuals may have different responses and it is suggested that music from one’s own culture can be the most effective for boosting mood. It’s believed that music has a therapeutic effect because it elevates the pain threshold.

Whether you are creating music or just listening to it; when used as an outlet or form of expression this is what therapists refer to as Music Therapy. Therapists suggest taking a minute to close your eyes, assess your feelings and practice deep breathing. Select music to achieve your desired mood and have a playlist on hand. Decide if you need some time to relax and rest or if dancing and movement might be more beneficial.

Whichever technique you decide on, don’t get hung up on little details. Music therapy doesn’t need to be formal or complicated. The idea is to let the sound stimulate your mind and promote a therapeutic effect. If you experience anxiety and are looking for ways to get your anxiety under control, I strongly suggest experimenting with music therapy. It can be a powerful antidote for combatting the physical and psychological symptoms that interfere with you being able to live your best life possible.

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