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Trouble With Bipolar Disorder Mobile Apps: Do They Really Help?

Trouble With Bipolar Disorder Mobile Apps: Do They Really Help?

Trouble With Bipolar Disorder Mobile Apps:

Do They Really Help?

Mobile apps that promise to help people with bipolar disorder and other conditions continue to increase in popularity. However, a new study reveals that these apps are not meeting all of the needs of users. Are bipolar disorder mobile apps worth using?

What Are Bipolar Disorder Mobile Apps?

Bipolar disorder mobile apps are applications for smartphones and other devices that are designed to help people with this medical condition. There are multiple apps on the market that work for Android and Apple phones.

Most of the apps help people manage their bipolar disorder. They provide educational materials and tools about treatment options, coping mechanisms and support groups. Apps also give people access to communities of others who have bipolar disorder. Some apps include tracking tools to monitor moods and medications. Others include meditation, relaxation and yoga programs to decrease stress.

Problems With Bipolar Disorder Mobile Apps

Although there are many apps for bipolar disorder, research shows that consumers are not completely satisfied with them. Researchers compared 48 apps and looked at over 2,000 user reviews. They found that consumers noticed some positive aspects to using the apps, but they also had complaints and wish lists.

Many users wished they could customize the apps more to fit their needs. They also wanted the ability to make multiple entries per day, export data, track more things, get reminders and have bigger notes sections. Some users complained about the inability to back up data, lack of syncing between devices, no integration between apps and limited social interaction.

Should You Use the Apps?

It is important to discuss any lifestyle changes with your doctor. Apps for bipolar disorder may help you, but they are not a substitute for medication, therapy or doctor visits. Consider testing several apps to find one that fits your needs.

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    This is a very interesting post. Never knew there was an app for bipolar disorder.

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