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How an Oscar-Nominated Film Highlights a Different Autism Treatment

How an Oscar-Nominated Film Highlights a Different Autism Treatment

How an Oscar-Nominated Film Highlights a Different Autism Treatment

Despite the controversies at the Oscars, an Oscar-nominated film is helping children with autism by spotlighting a different type of treatment. Many children with autism exhibit a similar trait. They often become obsessed with a particular TV show, character, food or topic. Most parents try to fight these obsessions, but some research shows that a different approach may help.

A Film’s Impact

The Oscar-nominated film “Life, Animated” is a documentary about Owen Suskind. When he was a child, his parents had trouble communicating with him because of autism. However, through his obsession with classic Disney animated films, they found a different way to reach him.

Owen’s parents discovered that instead of fighting their son’s obsession with Disney and trying to redirect his attention to other things, they could use the movies to connect with him. He was able to sympathize with the Disney characters and learn social skills from watching the films.

A Different Treatment Approach

Many parents and medical professionals try to fight the obsessions that children with autism often form. However, a different approach to this problem may be better. The parents of Owen Suskind learned that nurturing his obsessions could help them enter his world and understand him.

As long as the obsessions are not harmful or damaging, they can open a window into what is happening inside the mind of the child. In Owen’s case, he was able to relate to the Disney characters and learn from them. This helped him improve his social skills and understand the world around him.

This treatment approach may not work for all kids with autism. Each child is unique, so parents have to modify how they handle every situation. Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to the preoccupations that your child has with toys, objects, movies or other things.

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