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Why Asking Questions About Work Helps Predict Postpartum Depression

Why Asking Questions About Work Helps Predict Postpartum Depression

Why Asking Questions About Work Helps Predict Postpartum Depression

What if asking questions about your work and how you feel about your job could help diagnose postpartum depression? A new study highlights the benefits of asking questions as a screening tool for women who may be at risk of depression. It is estimated that 20 percent or more of all women may experience depression at some point in their lives, so creating better screening tools is crucial.

Research Results

Doctors frequently ask questions to determine a diagnosis. A study published in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry reveals that this may be an important screening tool for postpartum depression. Researchers included 343 pregnant women in the study who had a history of major depressive disorder.

They found that asking questions about work activities, insomnia and suicide risks could help them predict postpartum depression. In addition, researchers noted that taking antidepressants during the third trimester did not have a significant impact on preventing postpartum depression during the study.

How Asking the Right Questions Helps

Researchers believe that doctors should make it a habit to ask questions about work and other activities. Many doctors barely spend five minutes with a returning or new patient, so long interviews are rare. However, there should be a movement to change this because asking the right questions can help women who are at risk of developing postpartum depression. It takes more than a glance at a chart and one question about current feelings to find issues.

Problems at work and ongoing stress should not be ignored. Many women hesitate to discuss their concerns with doctors or rarely have the time to do it. Clinicians have an obligation to spend more time with their patients and ask more questions. Even a hesitant patient may be willing to discuss work and reveal issues that can predict future postpartum depression.

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    Deborah D

    I learn a lot reading your posts. I never thought postpartum depression could have anything to do with work.

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      I love that you are learning lots from my posts! Thanks.

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