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The 5 Best Sensory Gifts for Children with Autism


The 5 Best Sensory Gifts for Children with Autism

Below you will find a list of sensory gifts for children on the spectrum. These gifts can really help kids with their special needs.   These sensory items are designed to reduce stress while increasing calmness and focus. From chewy jewelry to weighted blankets, these gifts are functional and fun.   They are good for Birthday or other gifts and of course for the holidays.

Earlier I shared a Gift Guide for Autistic Kids and Adults.  It included a couple sensory gifts but had gifts for older kids and adults. Be sure to check it out too if you are in search of gifts for those with Autism.

The 5 Best Sensory Gifts for Children with Autism

Chew Necklace

The Chew Necklace is strong enough to handle chewing and is made with medical grade materials that do not contain phthalates, latex, lead, PVC or BPA. It is designed for children with autism who chew on their jewelry, so it has sensory features built in such as different bumps on the pendant.  There are many types of necklaces.  Our grandson used one when he was younger. It really helped with his chewing needs.

Weighted Blanket

The Weighted Blanket can be customized to fit your child’s favorite colors and patterns. This sensory gift can be used to calm your children and help them focus. The handmade blanket is filled with poly pellets that are adjusted based on the user’s age and weight, and it can be washed in a machine. Recommended weight for a weighted blanket is 10%-15% of the body weight plus 1 pound. A weighted blanket is one of the first things the occupational therapy department suggested as a way of helping calm our grandson.

Tangle Relax Therapy Toy

The Tangle Relax Therapy toy is ergonomic and designed to keep your child busy while providing stress relief. The toy is covered in a sensory material and has calming colors that children with autism enjoy. It can be twisted, turned and manipulated with ease, so they get the benefits of entertainment and motor development.

Fidget Toys Fiddle Toys

The Fidget Toys Fiddle Toys come in a package of 12 with different colors. They are considered to be a sensory and self-regulation item for children with autism. The toys can help with calming anxiety while giving children the chance to work on their fine motor skills.

Weighted Dolphin Wrap

The Weighted Dolphin Wrap comes in a calming, light blue color and weighs 3 pounds. It is a sensory gift that helps children relax, but it is cute enough to play with every day as a stuffed animal. It wraps around the neck and shoulders with gentle and comfortable support.

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  1. 1
    Sherry Martindale

    Thank you for sharing ?

  2. 2
    Sandra Watts

    No two kids with autism are alike so what works for one might not for another. My son will be 20 next month and is autistic but not the severity of some others. I think it was just a hit or miss with him and still is. We learn still as we go.

    1. 2.1

      Thanks for sharing Sandra. Our grandson is on the higher functioning end of the spectrum also. You are so right that no two kids are the same. But I do see that some things cross over with high to lower functioning. But I am with you…every day is a learning experience with our grandson. Love him so much.

  3. 3
    Jennifer Hall

    Although my daughter doesn’t have autism she has ODD and some sensory issues. I am making her a weighted blanket for Christmas!!

    1. 3.1

      What a fabulous gift! She is going to love it!

  4. 4
    marlene harris

    they need understanding and love

    1. 4.1

      Yes they do Marlene!

  5. 5
    Lynne B

    I love the idea of the weighted blanket. My young nephew was diagnosed recently and I think he may like this.

  6. 6
    Bonnie Lee

    My little brother is autistic. He is high functioning, but there are many days where he sometimes gets very frustrated and lashes out a bit. I got him a bicycle so we could ride together and he loves it! He loves to beat me when we race. He is such a great guy and I love him to death! When he was younger we had toys that would help him to keep calm and intrigue him.

    1. 6.1

      What a thoughtful way to engage with your brother!

  7. 7

    Thank you so much for this article.It explained so much to me as my 17 year old son has ADHD with some aspects on the Autism spectrum. He has always constantly played with plastercine and now has a thing for the fidget toys.The really help him to focus on things.

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