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60 Ways to Reduce Stress

Ways to reduce stress for brain health! Stress and cortisol aren’t just having a serious impact on the body; it’s equally as dangerous to the brain. Here are 60 ways to reduce stress!Stress and cortisol aren’t just having a serious impact on the body; it’s equally as dangerous to the brain. Some of the symptoms are common, so you’re likely to be familiar with stress causing worry, anxiety, and memory issues. However, many of the effects that stress is having on the brain are considered behind the scenes problems. You won’t notice that they’re happening to you, but eventually, you start to pick up on their side effects.


Over Emotional And Forgetful

The first sign that you may pick up on will be the memory problems. You’ll forget appointments, lose your keys, and scramble for the most basic memory. This only serves to compound stress. This often results in difficulty controlling your emotions, too. While the signals of the brain that associated with memories will be weakened by stress, those associated with your emotions only get stronger.

Anxiety And Fear

The amygdala is the fear center of the brain and this is where stress accumulates. High levels of cortisol will increase the activity in the amygdala, as well as its size, and the number of connections. This results in you feeling more fearful, fueling the cycle of stress, anxiety, and fear.


Mental Health

Neurotransmitters carry communication between brain cells, unfortunately, when suffering from chronic stress; neurotransmitters aren’t being produced at the correct levels. This is particularly true of dopamine and serotonin. This can lead to depression, and it can also increase your risk and likelihood of addiction.

For women with low serotonin levels there is an increased risk of binge eating, anxiety, and depression. For men, the risks are impulse control disorders and alcoholism. Low levels of dopamine can result in depression, lethargy, and a lack of focus and motivation. In turn, people turn to sugar, drugs, caffeine, and alcohol to boost dopamine levels, even temporarily.


As you can see from the above, effectively managing stress is crucial to the health of your brain and your overall mental wellness. Here are some ideas for ways to reduce stress:


60 Ways to Reduce Stress

There are many ways to manage stress and keep it from affecting your health.

  1. Exercise of any kind
  2. Stretching
  3. Tai chi
  4. Yoga
  5. Meditation
  6. Take a warm bath
  7. Give yourself a scalp massage
  8. Swedish massage
  9. Aromatherapy, and especially lavender essential oils induce calm and melt away stress
  10. Spa days
  11. Guided imagery
  12. Self-hypnosis
  13. Learn autogenic, a practice that teaches you to relax your body on command
  14. Progressive muscle relaxation
  15. Deep breathing
  16. Gardening
  17. Take regular breaks
  18. Establish a routine
  19. Identify what is causing you stress and do everything possible to eliminate those things whenever possible
  20. Get out of unhealthy relationships
  21. Focus on one worry at a time
  22. Stop multitasking
  23. Delegate
  24. Stop trying to control everything and let go that which you cannot change
  25. Prioritize and stop overwhelming yourself
  26. Don’t victimize yourself by accepting that stress is normal due to your job or any other reason, this normalizes stress which deters you from addressing it appropriately
  27. Take a vacation
  28. Get a hobby that you love
  29. Be present and practice mindfulness, which will help you focus on only the present moment
  30. Be grateful for all you have and stop dwelling on the negatives
  31. Stop procrastinating
  32. Keep a journal
  33. Eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet
  34. Listen to music
  35. Play music
  36. Hone your time management skills
  37. Clean your house, sometimes physical labor really lowers stress levels and the absence of a mess and clutter helps calm you
  38. Get enough sleep
  39. Invest in a stress ball
  40. Visualize calm
  41. Laugh often
  42. Count to ten at times of stress and take a time out away from the situation to restart your frame of mind
  43. Try to see the positive in all situations, positive thinkers are much better at handling stress than negative thinkers and pessimists
  44. Make time for you every day
  45. Unplug
  46. Rip paper – the action and noise paper makes when it is being ripped can help you to feel in control and powerful when you are stressed out and feel out of control.
  47. Stay organized, clutter is havoc that spills over into your mindset
  48. Act silly
  49. See a stress management counselor or your doctor
  50. Sip chamomile tea
  51. Boost your vitamin and mineral intake
  52. Avoid junk food
  53. Lower your sugar intake as sugar spikes blood sugar levels causing you to crash and burn
  54. Increase your magnesium intake as deficiencies induce stress
  55. Have sex
  56. Cuddle with your pet
  57. Go outside into nature and breathe fresh air
  58. Connect with others and socialize
  59. Learn to say no, this avoids overwhelm that leads to stress
  60. Avoid stressful situations




There you have it, 60 ways to reduce stress! Try different things and use the ones that work best for you! 

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    This is an amazing list. I notice that sewing does help me reduce stress.

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