Jan 21

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Autism Genetic Code May Be Cracked by Google

Autism Genetic Code May Be Cracked by Google

Autism Genetic Code May Be Cracked by Google 

Can you imagine sitting down with your doctor to examine your autistic child’s genetic code? This idea may not stay a dream for long because companies are working on cracking the genetic code and making it accessible to everyone. A breakthrough would pave the way for new treatments and a better understanding of autism.

Getting the Codes

A project from Google and Autism Speaks is working on collecting the genomes from 10,000 people with autism and their families. This would provide scientists with a large pool of data about the DNA inside a person who has autism. Ultimately, the goal is to use this research to find better treatments for the condition.

Analyzing the Data

Researchers do not think a single gene is responsible for autism, and they are interested in looking at larger segments of the genetic code. They are searching for patterns, and a database of 10,000 people will provide them with the ability to compare multiple codes. Although the cause of autism is still a mystery, sorting out the genetic code could provide important answers.

Other Factors to Consider

The project is controversial, and some researchers want to see environmental factors considered. They question the idea that genetics are solely responsible for a person having autism. How much of a role do toxins, diets and the environment play in autism? Unfortunately, there are no clear answers from research at this time, and more studies are needed to uncover the truth behind autism.

Future Possibilities for Treating Autism

The ability to have each individual’s genetic code makes it possible for treatments to be customized. In the future, your doctor could write a prescription based on your child’s DNA and avoid wasting time on drugs that are not right. Your doctor would be able to create the perfect treatment plan.

Lana Bandoim is a freelance writer and editor. Her work has been published on websites ranging from Yahoo! News to Technorati.

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  1. 1

    Having twins on the spectrum this is a really great idea! When my boys were smaller we participated in a genetic study at a teaching hospital in New York. It was really quite fascinating.

  2. 2

    I think it is wonderful that these advances may become a realistic hope for people.

  3. 3
    Nancy Hilderbrand

    Autism came to us 8 years ago and I had never seen it before. My grand daughter is beautiful but will not leave home for any reason. I have another grand daughter who was a twin and only born with 18 chromosomes.

    1. 3.1

      Oh I’m so sorry Nancy. My grandson has Autism – it is heartbreaking to watch. But there are many natural options that have really helped our grandson and he is doing so much better.

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