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Can Early Intervention Make a Real Difference for Bipolar Disorder?

Can Early Intervention Make a Real Difference for Bipolar Disorder?

Can Early Intervention Make a Real Difference for Bipolar Disorder?

Early intervention is frequently promoted as a positive way to help people with a variety of health problems including psychological issues. However, does early intervention make a difference for those with bipolar disorder? A recent study answered this question with a resounding yes and found that treatment during the early stages of the condition was more effective.

Early Intervention and Treatment

For patients with bipolar disorder, early intervention may help control the condition and make it more manageable. Researchers found that both psychological and pharmacological treatments made a difference in the lives of patients. Early intervention had a positive impact and reduced relapses, decreased symptoms and helped patients stay employed. This means that their quality of life was better with earlier treatments.

Apply the Research to Real Life

The research clearly shows that early intervention has benefits, but applying the concept in the real world is more difficult. The key is to try to recognize the early symptoms of bipolar disorder and seek help. Unfortunately, bipolar patients frequently resist treatments in both the early and later stages of the condition. However, family members, friends and other caregivers must continue to fight for them and seek treatment.

Misdiagnosis is a common problem that makes early intervention a challenge. In addition, the problems can increase because many bipolar patients refuse to acknowledge they need help and do not want to pursue therapy or drug treatments. It is your mission as a caregiver, friend or loved one to help them seek treatment and manage the process. Your persistence can make a difference, especially in the early stages, and it will have lasting benefits.

Early intervention can make a big difference in the lives of people who have bipolar disorder. Research supports the idea of getting early help and treatments for long-term benefits such as being able to maintain a job and having fewer manic episodes.

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