May 23

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Can Probiotics Actually Improve Mental Health?


Can Probiotics Actually Improve Mental Health-

Probiotics have become a hot trend with multiple supplements, pills and food products lining the shelves. Probiotics are often called good bacteria, and they are responsible for helping maintain a healthy gut. However, there is another important benefit to using probiotics that should not be ignored. They can improve mental health and reduce anxiety, depression and stress.

Research Results

One study found that probiotics can actually decrease aggressive thoughts. Researchers compared two groups of participants who had similar levels of depression and anxiety. One group received multispecies probiotics for four weeks while the other group got a placebo. They found that the participants on probiotics improved their moods.

Other studies have shown that probiotics can help decrease anxiety. They also helped people focus on the positive and change their thoughts. In addition, the probiotic users had less cortisol in their bodies and experienced less stress.

Using Probiotics

Probiotics are widely available in multiple forms. However, experts recommend that people use live versions that require freezing or refrigeration because the good bacteria can die easily. You can find probiotics in pills, liquids, powders and other supplements. In addition, fermented foods are a popular source.

Fermented products such as sauerkraut, kefir, kimchi and kombucha have probiotics. You can find probiotics in yogurt, miso and tempeh. Some soft cheeses that are fermented also have probiotics and even sourdough bread has them. Many food manufacturers have started to add good bacteria to their products because of the popularity of this trend. 

Probiotics can help your gut, immune system and mental health. They are easy to find at a local store or online retailer, so it is not difficult to incorporate them into your diet. You may notice your digestive system improves, but you also want to pay attention to your mood. These good bacteria can make you feel better in many ways!

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