Feb 12

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Day 12 Yoga for Stress Relief – 21 Day Yoga Challenge

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Yoga for Stress Relief

Yoga is used for stress relief.  All exercise reduces levels of stress. Any physical activity boosts the production of hormones that are designed to moderate your emotions and mental state. Yoga uses physical poses, so in this way it helps reduce stress like any other exercise.

However, yoga is also a practice of relaxation, correct breathing and meditation.

Yoga is a coming together of the mind and body to produce mental control and well-being. It is this aspect of yoga, combined with proper breathing and breath control, which accelerates your stress relief above that of simple exercise.

Your mind is the most powerful computer ever created. When you perform yoga poses, practice mindful meditation and breathe correctly, your mind becomes more aware and capable. This enhanced mental state properly dictates your physical health, and even how your complex physiological processes interact and operate. So you are healthier and happier, and less inclined to stress.

Your body and mind are healthier and stronger when your respiratory system delivers healthy oxygen consistently and effectively. The effect of yoga as a healthy mental and physical stimulant sends fresh blood and oxygen to your mind and all parts of your body.  The poses of yoga open up your circulatory and respiratory systems, allowing healthy blood and oxygen to flow.


You will be learning these yoga poses today:

-Warrior III  Pose:


– Hare Pose:


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