Mar 24

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How to Remove Yourself from Stress with Guided Meditation

How to Remove Yourself from Stress with Guided Meditation

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How to Remove Yourself from Stress with Guided Meditation

With the right training and dedication, meditation can be as much a part of a person’s daily routine and life as breathing. We spend so much of our days driving, eating and standing in line – time that could be put to better use with meditation. One of the major challenges we face is learning to remove ourselves from the chaos and stress of daily lives, to clear our minds and reflect upon nature and the wonder around us. If you desire deep change within, follow the steps below.

1. Exercise your spirit

Spiritual exercises are an essential part of a guided meditation routine. They must be used in order to calm your emotions and keep the mind steady. We must understand that there is a spiritual vibration, tone or thread connecting all of life’s existence and we tap into it through spiritual exercise, much like we do with a physical fitness routine, and thus enter your soul’s awareness, uniting your mind, body and spirit as one – just as they’re meant to be.

2. Employ a mantra

There are many types of mantras to choose from – you could also make your own – and work effectively whether spoken aloud or silently to yourself. Everyone uses different mantras to tap into the vibrations of nature and soul, but they also allow us to connect to what are called the ‘lower worlds’ – astral, casual, mental and etheric. One popular mantra used by many Tibetan Buddhists is ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ (or just ‘Om’ on it’s own), which has a vast and symbolic meanings. ‘HU’ is another mantra taken from the Sanskrit word referring to the Supreme God.

3. Write everything down

Like many people who keep a daily journal of exercise progress, the same should be done for those who are serious about meditation and spiritual awakening. Through a journal, you will create discerning, expression, often lyrical thoughts and ideas as you unite with your soul and the spirit of everything that surrounds you. Write your spiritual progress in this journal.
The ultimate goal of meditation, although people’s goals differ, is to come to the realisation that there is no final destination. Our work to improve ourselves is never finished; we must always strive to become closer to nature and the spirit that surrounds us, to be the beautiful works of nature that we were intended to be. Meditation is an important part of the quest to become more centred, selfless and whole. Visit Soul Transcendence (MSIA) online at http://msia.org.au/ to receive guided meditation and learn how to meditate.

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