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How Infections During Pregnancy Can Affect Autism Genes

How Infections During Pregnancy Can Affect Autism Genes

How Infections During Pregnancy Can Affect Autism Genes

Can a mother’s infection during pregnancy increase the risk that a baby will have autism? This was the focus of a recent research study. The findings show that severe infection may affect autism genes.

The Research Study

Researchers conducted their study on rats, but the results are still relevant. They found that a mother’s infection during pregnancy can increase the risk of autism by 37 percent. They mentioned that an infection can activate the immune response in the mother, and molecules may be able to cross the placenta to affect the baby.

Autism Genes

Researchers believe that infections can affect autism genes. They may either boost or decrease specific genes. Although they consider an infection to be an environmental factor, it can influence genetic factors. Researchers think that these genes can change brain development in the baby and increase the risk of autism.

Understanding and Using the Study Results

The scientists involved in the study pointed out that the infection in the pregnant rats was severe. It was more serious than a common cold. In addition, they mentioned that the timing of the infection matters. The risk of autism may increase or decrease depending on when the mother becomes sick and how far along the baby is in the development stages during the pregnancy. In addition, not every woman who gets an infection will have a child with autism.

More research is necessary before researchers can predict autism rates based on infections. However, this study adds another piece to the puzzle about this medical condition. It provides another clue about what may cause autism in children.

If you or a loved one has an infection during pregnancy, seek medical council. Talk to your health care provider about any infection concerns you may have and do not wait to get help.

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