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Integrative Yoga Therapy 101

Integrative yoga therapy refers to the application of yoga to enhance health and wellness on all three levels of an individual – spiritual, psychological, and physical.Integrative Yoga Therapy 101

Integrative yoga therapy refers to the application of yoga to enhance health and wellness on all three levels of an individual – spiritual, psychological, and physical. The yoga therapist doesn’t focus on fixing or curing certain conditions, but rather on empowering individuals to access their own healing resources.

Integrative yoga therapy works by bringing together all of the most powerful yoga tools, including:


Mudra refers to the careful positioning of your hands, so that you can direct energy flow and connect certain parts of your body to the brain. There are different types of mudras, all of which are believed to stimulate different reactions in the body, emotions, and spiritual reactions. Mudras can be used to heal certain ailments. Nevertheless, they are also often performed as a preventive measure.


This practice uses your breathing to channel vital energy to every single part of your body. Learning how to breathe properly will provide you with a number of health benefits. After you improve your breathing process, you’ll almost instantly see an improvement in the functioning of both your body and mind.


This part of yoga refers to physical exercises or poses, also known as asanas. When translated, asana means steady pose. When you’re engaging in these poses, you’re able to increase blood circulation in different parts of your body, as well as stimulate your internal organs to rejuvenate.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra involves the practice of relaxation. It is known for reducing tension and anxiety.


You’ve probably heard of mantras before. They are referred to as words or phrases that need to be either chanted aloud or internally in order to achieve a meditative state.


Meditation is a way to transform your mind and encourage it to develop clarity, concentration, emotional positivity, and calmness.


When these tools are put into a complete package, it allows yoga therapists to utilize and integrate it for specific groups and individuals.

The founder of integrative yoga therapy is Joseph Le Page, a pioneer in yoga therapy. Joseph is also the founder of the Enchanted Mountain Yoga Center, located in Brazil, which is one of the biggest yoga centers in South America. After practicing yoga for many years, Joseph decided to come up with his own approach to yoga therapy, which would be practical and spiritually oriented.

Le Page is a man that comes from a family background of trauma and illness, which motivated him to start learning yoga. Considering that he has a master’s degree in education, he was able to take all the knowledge he gained over the years and form an excellent curriculum that would teach people the importance of yoga therapy.

Know that there a huge difference between practicing yoga and yoga therapy. Yoga therapists are much more skilled than yoga teachers are and they have a deep understanding of kinesiology, anatomy, yoga philosophy, physiology, and how each relates to healing.

You can experience a number of different health benefits by practicing integrative yoga therapy:

Increased Flexibility

By releasing tension from certain parts of your body, you’ll greatly increase your flexibility.

Enhanced Mood

Yoga will not only calm your nervous system, but it will also encourage positive thinking. One of the main reasons why most people have negative thoughts is because they often think about the past and the future, instead of living in the present. Yoga will teach you how to be in the present and let go of the regrets you have about the past as well your worries about the future.

Immunity Boost

By practicing yoga regularly, you’ll improve the strength of your immune system. You’ll recover from illness and injury more quickly, and you’ll be less likely to get sick.

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