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Mental Health Options Grow with Smartphone Apps


Mental Health Treatment Options Grow with Smartphone Apps

Mental Health Treatment Options Grow with Smartphone Apps

Researchers from the University of Michigan have developed an app that brings new hope to mental health patients seeking treatment options. The PRIORI app relies on a smartphone to work and monitors the behavior of a patient. It is capable of analyzing the voice and compiling the data to help people take control of their illness.

Listening and Understanding

The app was created to help predict mood swings for people with BIPOLAR DISORDERS. By listening to the voice of the person with the illness and understanding the differences that can occur, the app is capable of predicting mania and depression. Early testing showed positive results, and patients were willing to use the smartphones without problems. Researchers hope this will lead to better treatments for all mental health patients.

Future Uses

Researchers hope that eventually the data from the app will automatically be sent to friends, family or medical professionals who have permission to receive it. They would receive advance notice of a person becoming manic or depressed and would be able to take action before problems become worse. This is a powerful tool, but researchers promise that privacy is being preserved, and data will not be shared with anyone who does not have the right to see it. Although one side of the conversation is being recorded, it is compliant with the law, according to the University of Michigan.

What You Say Matters

The study reveals that what a person with bipolar disorder says matters, and how they say it is also important. By analyzing the speech, the app is capable of detecting future problems, and it is directly linked to mood swings. Researchers are continuing the project, so there is still time to sign up. More participants will allow them to expand the data pool and continue to search for patterns.

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