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Why You Must Recognize Mania Early in Bipolar Disorder


Why You Must Recognize Mania Early in Bipolar Disorder

Why You Must Recognize Mania Early in Bipolar Disorder

I have a loved one diagnosed with manic bipolar.  With bipolar disorder, mood swings are extreme, and mania can appear at any moment. It is important for you to recognize the early warning signs of mania because it can create multiple problems and lead to lasting damage to your loved one and your relationship. People with bipolar disorder alternate between mania and depression, and you must remain vigilant.  Although my loved one is on medication for Bipolar, I am constantly on guard when he swings with his moods.  It’s not easy but they don’t recognize it.

What is Mania?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), mania is characterized by feelings of elation, extreme joy, increased activity, insomnia and agitation. Someone who is in the mania stage will talk quickly, stop sleeping, do multiple activities, feel irritated and act jumpy. Although these behaviors may not be destructive alone, the danger with mania is that it can lead to risky activities which can lead to big problems.  And I mean BIG problems.

The Risks of Mania

One of the biggest issues with manic episodes in bipolar patients is that they will go to extremes and take risks or engage in reckless behavior. For example, they may spend enormous amounts of money on things they do not need or try dangerous drugs and alcohol as an experiment. They may engage in sexual experiences they would never usually think of.  They may also lash out and pick fights with the people near them. In severe cases, they may have delusions and hallucinations that lead them to react violently.

The Importance of Vigilance

By noticing the early signs of mania, you may be able to help a bipolar loved one or friend from taking serious risks and making the situation worse. The Mayo Clinic mentions that paying attention to warning signs can be a proactive approach to dealing with the condition. You may have to get your or your loved ones doctor involved, change medications or take more drastic steps such as hospitalization.

Mania is a part of bipolar disorder, so you have to understand the signs and prevent it from escalating. Vigilance is an important ingredient in your battle to save yourself and/or your loved ones.

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