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New Depression Study Offers Hope for Teens


New Depression Study Offers Hope for Teens

New Depression Study Offers Hope for Teens

There is new hope for teenagers who suffer from depression based on recent research. According to the new study, psychological counseling can offer multiple benefits for teens. The findings are considered to be very promising with a long-term positive impact.

Study Results

During the study, researchers divided three groups of teens into different treatment categories. The groups included cognitive behavioral therapy, short-term psychoanalytic therapy and short-term psychosocial intervention. Surprisingly, they noticed that the type of treatment did not matter because 70 percent of the teenagers improved in all of them. This means that the key to helping teens with depression is general psychological counseling.

Applying the Research

The encouraging results of the new study indicate that therapy can help teens who are suffering from depression. Previous research shows that talk therapy may be as helpful as medication in some cases. If your teen is battling depression, then you may want to consider counseling and focus on finding the right type of treatment.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the popular options and involves a practical approach to treating depression. It focuses on changing behaviors, patterns, attitudes and mindsets, so you shift away from negative thoughts. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps you recognize these thought processes and modify them.

Helping Teens

One of the most difficult aspects of helping teens with depression is convincing them to go to therapy and stick with it. Experts share that tricking a teen into attending a counseling session will not work long-term, so you have to try other techniques. You can start by having a real conversation with your teen, expressing your concerns and sharing why therapy can help. You want to avoid threatening language or framing the counseling as a punishment. Considering the new research, it may be crucial for your teenager to try therapy to fight depression.

On a personal note:  My son began antidepressants in grade school.   I had to record a months worth of his behaviors and comments in a log my pediatrician.  I knew something wasn’t right with my son and my pediatrician wouldn’t believe it because he was a gifted child.   Once he read the log, he gave us a referral to an adolescent psychiatrist ASAP!

Through the years my son has tried to go off antidepressants and has crashed every time.   He continues to this day on medication ( although they have been adjusted in type and dosage ) and he continues to keep in contact with a mental health professional.   He has a PhD and continues to do well in life.   We have a family history of suicides and his friend attempted suicide, so he recognizes the “real” danger in not continuing with medication if needed.

Not every child will need medication through out their life, but if they need it for awhile to help them through rough times, we know it is worth it!

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