Oct 17

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New Study from China shows the Higher your Vitamin D Level: the Milder your Autism

Autism Awareness

New Study from China shows the Higher your Vitamin D Level:
the Milder your Autism

 Dr John Cannell, MD who heads the Vitamin D Council just published a new study on Autism and Vitamin D; published October 11, 2013

Since I have a grandchild on the spectrum, with a loose diagnosis of autism, I try to find everything from reputable resources that I can learn from regarding this condition.  I thought sharing this information with you, if you or someone you know has Autism, may be beneficial.

Dr Cannell states that “Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is now common while it was rare when I was a child. The theory that the increased incidence is simply due to better detection is absurd as it assumes that parents, pediatricians and schoolteachers missed this condition in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, which in many cases, is not a subtle condition. That theory has poor face validity.”

Dr Cannell shares some new research just published out of China that the higher your vitamin D level, the milder your autism.

Chinese researchers have recently replicated a similar Saudi Arabian study. Like the Saudi Arabian study, the Chinese study showed ASD severity is inversely associated with vitamin D blood levels.

This study does not prove causation; it could be that children with less severe autism simply go outside and get more sun exposure. We still need lots more research looking at vitamin D and ASD, and more studies like these are sorely needed. “

Dr Cannell in the past has said he believes vitamin D will help with Autism and other diseases on the spectrum. He is starting his own program using supplements like vitamin D to help treat ASD. Dr Cannell also believes that “other supplements will have a treatment effect in ASD, especially those that increase cysteine intake. The presence of cysteine in the intestine is the rate-limiting step for the production of glutathione, the brain’s master antioxidant.”

If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please email Dr Cannell at autisminfo@sloim.com.

SOURCE:  Vitamin D Council

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