Feb 29

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New Advice for Recognizing Early Signs of Autism

Credit: UCLA

Credit: UCLA


New Advice for Recognizing Early Signs of Autism

A new study gives parents hope and the ability to recognize the signs of autism at an earlier stage. Parents and caregivers know that early intervention can make a dramatic difference in a child’s life, so paying attention to these signs is crucial. The University of California has created a list of early signs that can help you.

You can start looking for these signs in a baby and continue to monitor the child’s development. One of the top signs is a baby who does not respond to his or her name. Although this could indicate other problems, the combination of this sign with other issues can help parents who suspect their child may have autism.

Researchers at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies mention that their list of early signs of autism is focused on behaviors in babies that may be missing or only seen at very low rates. They wanted to create a list that helped guide parents who were concerned about their child’s development.

The early signs are:

1.  Baby doesn’t respond to his or her name.
2. Baby doesn’t have joint attention. (This means the child won’t look in the    direction you’re pointing or watching.)
3. Baby won’t imitate others.
4. Baby won’t respond to others in an emotional way.
5. Baby won’t participate in pretend play. (This means the child won’t pretend to be someone or something else.)

Researchers caution parents that these are not the only early signs of autism that can appear. In addition, children may exhibit some of these problems but not have the condition. Even if children have multiple signs on the list, it is still important to get an official diagnosis and talk to your doctor about autism. Early intervention can help children tremendously and change their lives.

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