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Online Yoga Classes


Online YogaClasses

Yoga has become one of the most popular forms of fitness and classes are widely available in most cities and towns across the world. However, sometimes it’s hard to fit an entire hour-long session into a busy schedule and for those new to yoga, taking a class can be intimidating. Luckily, there are several online resources available, ranging from paid services from top instructors to free Youtube videos and yoga for kids.   Check out all the classes available to you below:

Yoga Download. Yoga Download is one of the top paid yoga streaming services available. For around $10 per month, members receive access to over 900 yoga classes with the option to download and save classes for an additional fee. Classes are divided by yoga type, length of class, and level. There are lessons to over 20 different forms of yoga, including vinyasa, ashtanga, and yoga with weights, as well as meditation and pilates courses.

Do Yoga With Me.  Do Yoga With Me is one of the few free online yoga streaming websites. Similar to websites like Yoga Download, it’s essentially a gallery of yoga classes available for free – though the quality is typically slightly less than the paid services. However, for someone just beginning, it’s a great resource. They offer classes by several teachers at all different levels and offer several classes on yoga basics.

My Free Yoga.  While many of the other sites mentioned are private collections of classes and instructors specific to that website, My Free Yoga is a bit of an encyclopedia for free yoga Youtube videos. Divided into categories based on levels, My Free Yoga has done all the work of finding the right yoga video for you.

Yoga Glo.  Yoga Glo is another online subscription website, available at $18 per month. However, Yoga Glo is one of the few websites with fully functioning apps for both iPhones and Androids and is also compatible with Roku. Classes can be stored from the app for offline use and there are over 3000 classes available, ranging from 10 minutes to 120 minutes in length. A great option for the yogi on the go.

Yoga Vibes. Yoga Vibes is partnered with several major yoga companies to bring the very best classes and courses to subscribers. While they do offer free classes, their main focus is on the paid subscription and unlike other sites, many of their videos are from real-life classes. Yoga Vibes is also available on Apple, Android, and Roku.

Yoga with Adrienne.  Yoga with Adrienne is one of the absolute best Youtube yoga channels, particularly for beginner yogis. Adrienne is calm and patient in her videos, which range from very basic, calming beginner classes to more intense workouts. She also often focuses on a specific area, such as yoga for winter blues or yoga to increase flexibility. Her 30 day yoga program is one of the best free courses available online.

Strala at Home. Tara Stiles is perhaps one of the most famous yogis, particularly for fans of MindBodyGreen. Her specialty is Strala yoga which she teaches in (rather pricey) courses for MindBodyGreen and in her studio. However, she’s now released and at home version with 6 different classes. Previews of each class can be previewed online but the full version does need to be purchased.

Yoga Journal to Go.  Yoga Journal to Go is the online video version of Yoga Journal and it’s one of the best resources for beginner yogis. Videos range from short, 2 minute videos on specific yoga poses to entire yoga classes. They also offer informational videos for those with questions about yoga.

Yoga Intervals. For more advanced yogis looking to get a more intense workout, Yoga Intervals, led by Ali Kamenova, is for you. Yoga Intervals features high intensity yoga courses, combining Power and Vinyasa yoga with interval workouts. Though she does offer a 3 month beginners yoga program, most of her videos focus on those who are already familiar with basic poses and more interested in building stamina and getting a true workout as opposed to a relaxed, meditative practice.

Cosmic Kids Yoga.  Looking for a fun way to get the whole family involved in fitness and mindfulness? Cosmic Kids Yoga offers free online yoga adventures aimed at children but entertaining for the whole family. The interactive design keeps kids interested and most classes average 20 minutes – just enough to get a bit of fitness or mindfulness in before attention wavers.

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