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Tips For Stress Management

Tips For Stress Management

Tips For Stress Management

Stress happens anytime, summer or winter, during holidays or vacation, at work or home! ¬†Stress can be pretty debilitating at times and hard to overcome and let go! Luckily, there are lots of resources for stress management out there and these tips and tricks can help you manage your stress in a productive and healthy way. Whether you have a little stress or a lot, stress management is important so you don’t become too overwhelmed. Physical health is important, but mental health is just as important: you can’t have one without the other.

1. Breathing exercises.
There are lots of breathing exercises out there that can help with stress management. It might seem silly at first to be doing breathing exercises, but slowing down and focusing on your breathing is a great way to relax and get rid of negative emotions. Long, slow breaths in silence are a great way to start with your stress management!

2. Make your own mantra!
Find a saying or a phrase that comforts you and turn it into your personal mantra, or even make your own! Phrases like “this too shall pass” can bring your stress levels down and remind you that while something might be bad, it could be worse and you’ll get through it! Once you find the phrase that works for you, repeat it 5-10 times when you’re at a peak of stress and take some time to think about it!

3. Make personal time.
Whether you enjoy a spa day or some exercise to relieve your stress, it’s important to make time for yourself to relax! Stress management is an important part of your overall health and having some time to unwind alone is vital to the stress management process.

4. Meditation and yoga.
Meditation and yoga are exceptional ways to manage your stress! Yoga is great for the body and helps you find balance, strength, and tones your body up. When used in conjunction with meditation, you’ll find overall higher levels of peace and relaxation! If you don’t want to attend a yoga class, there are tons of great resources like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix with yoga videos and you can even search YouTube!

5. Remove yourself from the situation.
If a particular person or situation is causing you constant unwanted stress – it’s time to remove it from your life! It can be hard to let things go but ultimately high stress levels will affect your health and wellbeing and it’s better to be relaxed!

What stress management tips would you share with someone suffering from stress? I’d love to hear how my readers manage stress in the comments below!

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