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What Role Does Brain pH Play in Bipolar Disorder?


What Role Does Brain pH Play in Bipolar Disorder?

What Role Does Brain pH Play in Bipolar Disorder?

Could a pH problem in the brain help explain some mental health problems? This is the intriguing question that researchers are trying to answer. It appears that increasing acidity in the brain can affect bipolar disorder and other conditions.

Brain pH

Your body relies on specific pH levels to stay healthy. Any serious changes in pH can be dangerous and potentially deadly. However, smaller changes, such as the ones in the brain, may cause harm without being life threatening.

A study from Fujita Health University found decreasing the pH in the brain may play a role in bipolar disorder. The researchers also indicated it may have an impact on schizophrenia. In the past, lower or acidic pH levels were blamed on patients’ lifestyles and medications. However, researchers proposed that the patients may have lower pH levels before taking any medications, and they may be present as the disease develops.

Lower pH

Studies have shown that people with mental health problems may have lower pH levels in their brains. This means that their brains may be more acidic. Researchers are still trying to find out why this happens. Some have suggested that higher neuronal activities in the brain of people with bipolar disorder may be responsible for the decrease in pH.


There are many websites and gurus who focus on lowering acid levels in the body. However, experts recommend proceeding with caution before trying to change the pH levels in your body. It is a complicated process that may be dangerous for those with bipolar disorder. Do not stop taking your medications or make drastic diet changes without talking to your doctor.

Researchers do not have the answers for fixing the pH levels in the brain at this time. However, it is a topic they continue to investigate and hope to found solutions for soon.

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