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Why Managing Diet in Bipolar Disorder is Important



Why Managing Diet in Bipolar Disorder is Important

Many people feel that mental and physical health are related. If a person is not physically healthy they cannot be mentally health or the other way around. Bipolar is a serious mental health condition and a person has to take their treatment very seriously. There are some things that can make the symptoms of this condition worse. There are many reasons why a managed and well balanced diet as well as weight management is important for people suffering from bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Disorder and Weight

Being overweight is something that is common for people with bipolar disorder. Some people may eat because they are feeling depressed and turn to food for comfort. The medications that are person is taking may also slow down their metabolism and cause them to gain weight. A regular exercise program is good for everyone but it is especially important for people with bipolar disorder. Maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the symptoms of depression. If a person is at a healthy weight and they are happy with their appearance this can improve their mood. Anything that will boost self-esteem is good for someone who is bipolar. Regular exercise has been shown to increase endorphin levels in the brain. This will help keep moods elevated reducing symptoms of anxiety and increasing a feeling of calmness.

Bipolar Disorder and Weight Loss Studies

A study that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine stated that weight loss programs that focus on people with mental health disorders have seen improvements in health. Just by reducing the number of calories they were consuming and making small changes to eating habits led to weight loss. Groups of people changed their diet while others started an exercise program. Participants that lost weight reported less feelings of depression and anxiety verses those that made no lifestyle changes and did not lose weight. This study was conducted over and 18 month time period. While it is going to take some extra effort to lose weight, people with bipolar disorder have noticed behavioral changes and have been successful in achieving their weight loss goals.

How to Make Healthy Changes

If a person with bipolar disorder wants to make some healthy lifestyle changes they should make their health care professional aware of their desire to lose weight and get into shape. It is recommended to start off slowly. A person can start by walking half an hour a day and then increase the time or change to jogging once their body is used to these changes. These workouts should be done on a regular basis in order to help keep the levels in the brain even. A person does not have to spend additional money at the gym. Some insurance plans will cover gym memberships and other health care expenses. If a person does not have the money for the gym they can walk around their town or use the stairs instead of taking the elevator.


Who Can Exercise

Anyone with bipolar disorder can see benefits both physically and mentally from exercise. If a person has not exercised for a period of time, they should check with their doctor before staring an exercise program. If a person notices they have any shortness of breath they should consult their doctor.

Things to Keep in Mind

For people suffering from bipolar disorder there are some things to keep in mind in case a person is not feeling well. If a person is taking lithium it is important to stay hydrated. If a person becomes dehydrated they can have a negative reaction to this drug. After working out a person should wait a couple of hours before going to sleep. If a person exercises too close to bedtime they may not be able to get the proper amount of sleep.

Overall Health Benefits for Bipolar Disorder

Exercise is very important for everyone especially for people with bipolar disorder. Exercise for people that are bipolar will see a decrease in their depression and will help even out their mood. When a person starts to lose weight they will notice that their self-esteem will improve. If a person starts to exercise they will also sleep better and will notice that they are less moody. Exercise will also help a person control their anxiety.

Types of Exercises

It is recommended that a person partake in aerobic exercises. Sports such as jogging and swimming can be considered low impact and will help a person burn calories. Yoga is great for both the mind and the body as well. This exercise is low impact and beneficial. Exercise can benefit everyone especially people with bipolar disorder. Exercise can help fight stress and help improve self-esteem. People with bipolar disorder should start a regular exercise program in order to see some health benefits.


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